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Seattle Garage Door Repair | Over the Garage Door Rainbow

You know when the sprinklers are on in your front yard and a beautiful rainbow shines over the grass, which adds an ever-so-needed spark of color to the white, dreary back drop of your garage door??? Well this picture your painting doesn’t have to just be in your head. Let one of the skilled experts at Seattle Garage Door Repair discuss the many color options that are available for your creative garage door works of art.

A garage doors are not just painted for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect it; keep it safe from harsh sunlight and rough weather elements.  Picking the right paint first starts with your own personal tastes and style. Once you have a few options in mind, you can narrow down the choice more easily. Usually, the color of the garage door should compliment your homes entire structure, rather than stand out with bright colors that can lead to extreme contrasts. Don’t forget the laws of color perception when you’re choosing the paint color for your garage door. Light colors can be an attention-getter and they can also make things seems larger then they appear (perhaps that’s why we chose black for our work out clothes).

A few rules to remember when choose paint for your garage door.

Always avoid bright colors and try not to create a contrast between the main color of your home and the garage door paint. Also, never match the paint of your front door to the paint of your garage door.

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