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Seattle Garage Door Repair | Reasons for getting a belt drive opener

When your garage door opener goes out, you’re often faced with a dilemma:  Should you go with the same style of opener you had before, or should you take this opportunity to upgrade to a more current style of opener?  (Of course, if you’ve upgraded in the past, this doesn’t apply to you, and you should never downgrade.)  Well, considering that the vast majority of homeowners currently have a chain drive opener when they should have a belt drive, here are a few reasons why you should upgrade to a belt drive opener:

  • More modern style shows that you can stay hep with the times.
  • Reduced sound output makes for a more pleasurable garage door experience.
  • Increased reliability and serviceability as it’s a more modern piece of technological wonder.

I could come up with more, but really, the first is all you need. 😉

Seattle Garage Door Repair | Items You Should NEVER Store in Your Garage

Your garage is a perfect place for storing those things, right? Maybe not. Before you store things in your garage you need to consider what the item is, how you are going to store it, and where you are going to put it.

Your garage is a special environment. While it is enclosed and usually dry, It is not a closed off climate controlled place. Pests can get into your garage and temperatures and humidity levels can change. There are some things that you should not store in your garage.

First, you should never store food items in your garage. Food attracts a variety of pests that you just don’t want living amongst your things.

Second, you should never store wine, paints, or other temperature sensitive items in your garage. These items should be stored in environments that have an element of climate control so they retain their quality.

Finally, you should never store electronic items like computers or televisions in your garage. These items are subject to damage caused by changes in humidity. They should be stored inside where the temperature and humidity levels are more controlled.

For the items that you do store in your garage, you want to be conscious of how you are storing them.All fabric items like towels, linens, coats, and other clothing should be stored in closed plastic containers. Fabric items make great nesting places for pests, like mice. Keeping these items in the proper containers will protect them from critters.

In addition, you want to store as many items as you can on shelves, hooks, or in drawers. Keeping items off the floor will keep your garage looking neater and more organized and you will protect them from water damage if your garage leaks during a rain storm.

Your garage is a nice place to store things that you don’t use often or just need to keep out of the way. However, it is important to protect your things. Be mindful of items that could attract pests or be damaged by temperature or humidity changes. To protect the things that you do store in your garage, be sure to keep things off the floor by using shelving, hooks, and drawers.

Seattle Garage Door Repair | Over the Garage Door Rainbow

You know when the sprinklers are on in your front yard and a beautiful rainbow shines over the grass, which adds an ever-so-needed spark of color to the white, dreary back drop of your garage door??? Well this picture your painting doesn’t have to just be in your head. Let one of the skilled experts at Seattle Garage Door Repair discuss the many color options that are available for your creative garage door works of art.

A garage doors are not just painted for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect it; keep it safe from harsh sunlight and rough weather elements.  Picking the right paint first starts with your own personal tastes and style. Once you have a few options in mind, you can narrow down the choice more easily. Usually, the color of the garage door should compliment your homes entire structure, rather than stand out with bright colors that can lead to extreme contrasts. Don’t forget the laws of color perception when you’re choosing the paint color for your garage door. Light colors can be an attention-getter and they can also make things seems larger then they appear (perhaps that’s why we chose black for our work out clothes).

A few rules to remember when choose paint for your garage door.

Always avoid bright colors and try not to create a contrast between the main color of your home and the garage door paint. Also, never match the paint of your front door to the paint of your garage door.

Seattle Garage Door Repair | Indispensable Garage Doors Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Modern homes are taking advantage of technology – one such technology are garage doors. Garage doors continue to surge in popularity winning the heart of homeowners due to their extra functionality in enhancing the beauty of the home and being a clear reflection of one’s personality at a glance by every visitor (and neighbor). It is extremely important when you are looking to buy the best garage doors in the market, you have to be well conversant with garage door safety tips for the whole family. This way you will not have only achieved your goal in being effective technologically, but you will have also protected your entire family by paying attention to the safety aspects of garage doors.

Garage Doors Safety Tips – The Good and the Bad

Lack of knowledge regarding garage door safety can lead to injury. Consequently, you need to understand and put into practice garage doors do’s and don’ts to protect your children and the entire family. It is not uncommon for children to be injured by garage doors and garage door parts. If safety is a concern in your family. Here are some important tips

What you need to do:

First, educate every member of your family including the children. Explain how to safely use garage doors to avoid injuries and what they should do in the event of unusual observation in regards to the use of either the overhead garage door or any other type that you have installed. Knowledge is power and it rewards handsomely by keeping everyone safe from harm. Doing this you will have set the best example for your family to imitate throughout their lifetime.

Second, small children can be a nuisance due to their eagerness to touch, test, and learn about new things — like garage doors. As a result, you need to mount any exterior wireless keypad including the wall button out of their reach. Make sure they are at least 5 feet off the ground.

Third, conduct a timely maintenance keep an eye on the garage door openers and you should go through the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with crucial features such as the garage door openers emergency release system. Engage a professional garage door technician to have the springs, rollers and pulleys, as well as cables checked for maximum functionality and replaced if it is required.

Seattle Garage Door Repair | I can’t get my garage door down! What’s up with that?

Being unable to open or close your door is one of the most common issues homeowners have. And if you are wondering why, it could be many things that are preventing you from using your garage door. But don’t worry-there are a few things that you may be able to check yourself before calling a garage door technician. First, check your cables and springs.

Being unable to open or close your door is one of the most common issues homeowners have. And if you are wondering why, it could be many things that are preventing you from using your garage door. But don’t worry-there are a few things that you may be able to check yourself before calling a garage door technician. First, check your cables and springs. You could easily tell if the cables have come apart or the spring is broken in half but once you can see that all parts are intact and your door is still not working, there may be an issue that the eye can’t see. Not many people know this (other than the professionals), but photoelectric sensor eye of the opener, from time to time, has dust buildup. It can get to the point where the build up would block the safety sensors, which prevents the door from either opening or closing. Take the opportunity to examine the sensors and make sure they are dust-free before you call a garage door technician. If that is not the case, then reach out to a garage door professional to see if an internal mechanical issue is preventing you from closing your garage door.

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